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If your art does not fit a folder just tell me and i will make a folder for it and if you see a pic in the wrong folder please tell me. The limit of deviations is one per month. The amount of members in this group is large, so we cut back on a lot. We don't want to overfill inboxes.

So pick the best that you have!

Thanks for you cooperation!



Gallery Folders

Mist and Raguna! by zipskyblue
Mighty No 9 by mannycartoon
We Are TEKKEN ! by Saladin-777
Nosferatu snes photo by myroboto
2k Games
Ridley Final Study by FrancoFerrari
Borderlands - Maya by BabisTogrou
Handsome Jack cosplay by Elena89Hikari
Final Fantasy VII fanart by MCAshe
505 Games
Abzu by Queen-Galaxy
Day 19: ABZU by Samiriam
COMM: HelloKarinaChuu by ToasterKiwi
Pokemon - Alain and Charizard X by PhatOreo
Lucio Overwath by rextrom
Overwatch! by JeffyP
Morning Dva by Seiorai Online! by XDaiaX
Power Girl by iFernandoLopez

Mature Content

Royal body by NidavellirStudios
Midna by PilloTheStarplestian

Mature Content

Ivy (Soul Calibur) - commission by CristianoReina
Arc System Sammy games
Guilty Gear by MaKuZoKu
Robo-Ky by ArtistOtaku91
Fruit Ninja Hazama by demonic-brute
@!#?@! by MissGameandWatch
Shenlong by Aurora-Silver
Asteroid? - tee by InfinityWave
WENDY shows Pac-Man how it's DONE by jackcrowder
Persona 5: Chilling out by skyla-mikijima
Chrom (fea) color sketch by KingLuneartic
Tsubasa WIP by LaniLightning
Sorceress by IchigeiCosplay
Lurking for Love by HeroforPain
DOOM - The Unchained Predator by Unreal-Forever
Chibi Dreyven by AmethystManiac
The Elder Scrolls: Online - Nereid by R-Aters
Body Art
2B by MassoArt
Steven Universe,Adventure Time,Gravity Falls Xmas by TheGaboefects

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Grape Soda by DreamerOfExistence
Lyria (Grandblue Fantasy) Minimalist Wallpaper by slezzy7
Capcom Folder 1
BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE - Jiru Barentain NEMESIS by supergiu74
Capcom Folder 2
Evil Maid by Evo-ker
cd projekt red
Geralt of Rivia by PemaMendez
Lunch Box Zelda Breath of the Wild by StudioTamago
Iron Man VS Red Whirlwind by ChibiPyro
Blood-Red by Aurora-Silver
Double Fine
Day of the Tentacle Chibis by equilibrik
Double Fine 2

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Felice the Lightsworn Archer NSFW Comic by TheGaboefects
Nolf Cate Archer casual concept by TekkenStreetFighter
Epic Games
SAI test by SNESHarvest
flash and animations
Asu....KA....BOOP!!! by DadoOoSweeT
Frictional Games
Do you see him Weyer? (Amnesia) by SeaCat2401
from software
Dark Souls Knights by qprawn
Gearbox software
vaultcam.mp4 by Rines-Sha
grasshopper manufacture
Killer7. Con Smith by 25Credo
Goris - Complementation by Lycisca
Heather Mason Alone in The Dark by TD-Camper
All Hail King Evan by MikeTheMiiDrawer
Lucas arts
Bernard expression sheet by Diamond-Darco
Kotono (Dead Dance) by Penzoom
Captain America Annual recreation by mikebowden
Scalebound by FALLENV3GAS
Reunion by Aurora-Silver
Chibi Fanarts by Brysiaa
namco bandai
From the ashes by Fluffymausi-chan
Edna - Tale of Zestiria by chinchongcha
Surprise Kiss by Aurora-Silver
Nintendo Folder 1
Peach by pistachiohelmet
Nintendo Folder 2
Zero Suit Samus and Widowmaker by Urbanator
Nintendo Folder 3
My Meca-Cube by Luzleimoon
Nippon Ichi Gust games
~Obsessive Hope~ by Razmakai
no folder fits
MERCY Overwatch by Denaryn
paradox interactive
Pillars of Eternity by sony33d
Platinum games
For_mankind! by blackenedkrono
INSIDE the sequel by VickyViolet
Norman Jayden (Heavy Rain) *Fake Screenshot* by SeaCat2401
My name is Alan Wake and I'm a writer... by SeaCat2401
Riot Games
Moulin Rouge Orianna - league of Legends Tribute by tiocleiton
Rocksteady Studios
They became the King and Queen of Gotham City... by The-Combine
KNOCK KNOCK by chibiirose
SNK Playmore
Ralf Jones XI by tekino
Chimera hybrid by TD-Camper
Square-Enix Folder 1
For sale :  Valefor Final Fantasy X by Chonunhwa
Square-Enix Folder 2
Rydia by VIIFinalHeartsII
Taito's games
Lucas Stufful by SuziethePuffball
Team Meat
Super Meat Boy by Leo-25
Team Shanghai
Ruler by Kjuno-san
Tecmo Koei TeamNinja
Kodama patrol by Inkyh
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Clementine from The Walking Dead - TelltaleGames by Hihadruka
Commission: Nintendo-Style Billy Lee by R-Legend
Shane McMahon by reneg661
For Honor Samurai Kensei by reuben1411
PotaDOS Gijnka (REWIND) by YourSuperHeroine
video game cosplay
FE:A - Henry by midgaardian
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Mei by Clockweiz
Shantae Dwaaaaah! by Mario9919
Injustice 2: Harley Quinn by MK-Dragon
I have a patreon link in the description by IciaChan
Video Game Cosplay 2
Sherry Birkin RE6 cosplay XIV by Rejiclad
Patchwork Determination by ScruffyPoop
Nintendo Folder 4

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Hi all, Very very very very important question to all, One of my friends is trying to set up a costume business and would like me to do some market research into weapons for some unkown reason >.> .....

Anyway, if you went to comic con, dragon con or wherever for film/ game merchandise, what guns/ weapons would you look for or see that you'd think, 'OOOOoooo That's from X film or game, I'll have that because i love that X thing so much!' also on top of that, how much would you pay for said weapon.

Important notice these Items must be weapons that can easily be sculpted and then resin moulded etc etc,

I've already thrown Bioshock and Captain America Guns into the mix, What do you folks think?

Also please can you pass this message around As I would like as much feedback as possible!

Many Thanks,

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this group is for people who love games any game art is allowed
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Hello I DylanCArt I make crossover story's do your guys want to read my story's?
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